High Stakes Poker Video


Ultimate Poker Night


So once every month or so, me and the fellas get together for poker night. These nights are always a blast and if you are the winner of our little tournament you can come out with a few hundred bucks. The thrill and excitement of wining at poker, specifically Texas Hold’em poker is second to none. Arms raised, fist clinched, and a huge smirk smacked on the middle of my face is amazing. But more amazing is seeing the dejected faces of the tables loosers. If you have experienced this then you know exactly what i’m talking about. Pure joy!


The shitty part is we only play once a month so this great feeling only comes by once every few months, due to the fact I don’t win every tournament we play (I wish I did). Thats where online poker comes in and fills that void. Online Poker for money is by far the most exciting way to spend some downtime. There are many online poker rooms for money that only requires a very minimal deposit. Most also offer tables that are .05 and .10. So you are playing for money but not much. On bad nights at these tables I loose the equivalent of a big mac meal. But I also win 20-40 bucks. When that happens I tend to move up to a higher staked table.


The hard part about getting started with online poker was not knowing where to start. Thats where this website came in handy “playonlinepokerusa” came in. This site shows the top 5 rooms for US players. And I have tried them all now. By far my favorite is betonline the rooms have very cheap tables and seem to have a lot of beginner players. Nothing beats playing with fish. 


So to summarize. poker nights with buddies are good, poker nights with fish even better!